8th Cyber Security in Networking Conference

AI for Cybersecurity

December 04-06, 2024
Paris, France

Welcome from the Chairs of CSNet 2024

On behalf of the CSNet 2024 Committee, we are pleased to welcome you all to its 8th edition on December 4 – 6, 2024, hosted in the wonderful city of Paris, France.

Since the first successful edition in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, 2017) and all subsequent editions (2018 in Paris, 2019 in Quito, 2020 in Lausanne, 2021 in Abu Dhabi, 2022 in Rio de Janeiro (again), and 2023 in Montreal), the CSNet conference has aimed to bring future visions for creating even greater value to all corners of the cybersecurity research society.

This year, CSNet 2024 will center around the “Artificial Intelligence (AI)  for Cybersecurity” theme, focusing on its applications in emerging networks and systems. This encompasses addressing the Challenges and Opportunities of AI to reinforce security and privacy in Next-Generation Technologies. The integration of AI into cybersecurity is a crucial advancement, as it offers the potential to revolutionize how we protect and secure digital infrastructure.

AI has shown remarkable capabilities in automating and enhancing various aspects of cybersecurity. From predictive analytics that anticipate cyber threats to intelligent systems that detect and mitigate attacks in real-time, AI-driven solutions are becoming indispensable. These technologies not only improve the efficiency and effectiveness of security measures but also adapt to the evolving threat landscape, providing robust defense mechanisms against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.

Bringing together researchers and industry professionals at CSNet 2024 is essential for creating a secure digital future. Collaboration between academia and industry is vital to driving innovation and ensuring that theoretical research translates into practical, real-world applications. Researchers bring cutting-edge ideas and theoretical insights, while industry professionals provide practical perspectives and highlight the pressing challenges faced in real-world scenarios. Together, they can forge new pathways and develop comprehensive solutions that address both current and future cybersecurity challenges.

CSNet 2024 seeks contributions in the cybersecurity field, raising footprints with tremendous impact in many sectors of society (e.g., development, innovation, teaching, and practice) in the form of full papers, short papers, posters, demos, work-in-progress papers, and tutorials. We are particularly interested in innovative solutions and breakthrough ideas that can shape the future landscape of cybersecurity.

In addition to the technical program, the conference will feature a rich lineup of keynote speeches from leading experts, technical sessions, and panel discussions that delve into the latest advancements and research findings in AI and cybersecurity. Participants will have plenty of networking opportunities to engage with peers, share insights, and establish collaborations, potentially leading to new projects and initiatives in AI for cybersecurity.

We look forward to your contribution and meeting you all in Paris for an excellent event. Let us together push the boundaries of knowledge and innovation in the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity and AI.