The Session chair, working with the organizers, is in charge of moderating the session. His/her responsibility is similar to a regular conference session:

  • Check with each speaker, before the session, if he/she will present live or using his/her pre-recorded video.
  • Login Time: 15 min before session time
  • Click on the link sent to access the Webex room, each conference day will have a single Webex meet.
  • Introduce the author and paper during the designated presentation time slot
  • Will be given “host” and “presenter” privileges at first
  • Gives “presenter” privileges to each Author/Speaker when it is their time to begin their presentation only if it will be a live presentation.
  • If necessary, the session chair can designate specific users as presenters and enable them to share their screen during the course of the meeting by right-clicking the user and selecting Change Role To and then selecting Presenter.


    • Users with “presenter” privileges will have the Cisco Webex logo next to their photo icon

  • Reclaims “presenter” privileges between presentations, in case there was a live presentation
  • If the presenter chooses to use the recorded video uploaded on Whova, the session chair, with both his “host” and “presenter” privileges, will take control and launch the video. 
    • Please note that sharing content can only be done with “presenter” privileges, that’s why you should have both (host & presenter) privileges to launch the video. 
  • It is mandatory when launching the video, that the session chair, with both his “host” and “presenter” privileges, shares his entire screen (not only the browser) and makes sure that the option « Optimize for motion and video » is checked with computer audio also. (click here for video instructions) 

  • Reads the questions to the presenting author during the question-answer time slot.
  • Makes sure the Participants panel is always open by clicking the Participants icon on the main screen.
  • During the call and in case a participant is disruptive, there are several actions the Session chair can take. These are available by right-clicking on the user in the participant panel. The key ones are Mute, Stop Video, and in extreme cases Expel the participant.


  • Session chair can also Mute specific people by going to the Participants panel, searching for their name, and selecting Mute or Unmute

  • Concludes the session (returns host privileges to the organizer) and checks attendance
    • Session Chair does not give anyone else host privileges during session time; only presenter privileges

Keynotes Guidelines

Sharing content during a Cisco Webex Meeting, click here for video instructions  , for more details click here.

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  • Important dates

    • Paper Submission Due
      July 26, 2020 (Extended)
    • Paper Review Feedback
      September 17, 2020
    • Final Papers Due
      October 6, 2020
    • Conference Date
      October 21 – 23, 2020
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